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School Physicals services offered in Fallbrook, CA

School physicals evaluate your child’s health-related preparedness for the upcoming school year or enrollment in school sports. At MedPlus Urgent Care in Fallbrook, California, Graydon Skeoch, MD, MBA, and the team offer school physicals for children and adolescents. Call MedPlus Urgent Care for same day Telemedicine appointment, or walk in for a visit today. 

School Physicals Q&A

What are school physicals?

A school physical should be on your yearly to-do list if you have kids in school. Prior to enrollment, you should bring them to MedPlus Urgent Care for a comprehensive school physical to show that they’re healthy enough to take on the next school year or have the medical accommodations they need to be successful.

Some schools require physicals every year for the children who enroll, but even if physicals aren’t required at your child’s school, it’s still a good idea that they get one every year. 

If they haven’t had a physical exam during the year otherwise, a school physical tracks your child’s development and makes sure their vaccinations are up to date.

Who needs a school physical?

School-aged children and adolescents often require school physicals as a condition of their enrollment in classes for the upcoming school year. 

Even if a school physical isn’t a requirement, your child might need a physical for any of their intended sports or extracurricular activities. Sports physicals, which are very similar to school physicals, show that your child is equipped and healthy enough to safely participate in physical activity and competition. 

Just like with school physicals, sports physicals identify areas where your child may need some sort of medication or other medical accommodation. 

What happens during a school physical?

During a school physical for your child at MedPlus Urgent Care, the team goes over your child’s medical history as well as your family medical history in order to evaluate their possible future health risks. 

The team then records your child’s height and weight before taking their vitals (heart rate and blood pressure). The next parts of the physical include:

  • Vision test
  • Posture, strength, and flexibility tests
  • Ears, nose, and throat examination

In some cases, additional tests and screenings are included in a school physical. It can include blood tests, urinalysis, and other tests according to the results of the initial evaluation. 

To make sure you fit in your child’s next school physical before the school year starts, call MedPlus Urgent Care for same day Telemedicine appointment, or walk in for a visit today.