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Lacerations services offered in Fallbrook, CA

An open skin wound caused by tearing or blunt force is known as a laceration. At MedPlus Urgent Care in Fallbrook, California, Graydon W. Skeoch, MD, MBA, and the team routinely evaluate lacerations and treat them according to their severity. To get treatment for your laceration, call MedPlus Urgent Care for same day Telemedicine appointment, or walk in for a visit today. 

Lacerations Q&A

What are lacerations?

A laceration is a type of wound affecting only the skin and soft tissue. It’s a cut in the skin that doesn’t involve any skin loss. They’re caused by sharp or blunt objects that tear your skin and cause bleeding. 

Like other soft tissue injuries that open the skin, lacerations put you at risk of infections. They happen when bacteria enter the cut and cause inflammation and additional pain. Severe infections can also lead to fever, chills, and oozing from the wound. 

The team at MedPlus Urgent Care examines your laceration and can make an accurate diagnosis with nothing more than a visual exam. They provide care according to the depth and size of the laceration, which aims to minimize the amount of scarring left behind once you heal. 

How should I manage a laceration right when it happens?

There will likely be a delay between when the laceration happens and when you arrive at MedPlus Urgent Care for professional treatment. Immediately after a laceration happens, there are a few steps you can take to keep the wound clear of debris and control bleeding. 

You should start by controlling any bleeding with a clean cloth or gauze, applying light pressure to the wound. Then, you should clean the wound with cool water before dabbing it with a sterile cloth soaked in warm water. You may also use mild, unscented soap. 

Finally, if you have one on hand, you should use a sterile bandage to cover and protect the laceration. Minor lacerations may not require any more care, but deep or infected lacerations need care from a physician. 

How are lacerations treated?

Professional treatment for a laceration may involve more than one strategy. The team at MedPlus Urgent Care asks about the circumstances of the injury and checks to see if you’re up-to-date on tetanus shots. Then, they evaluate the laceration and develop a care plan. 

Treating a laceration can involve:

  • Wound irrigation
  • Medical adhesive tape
  • Stitches
  • Dressings
  • Bandaging
  • Antibiotic ointments
  • Anesthetic injection

Before you leave the office, the team at MedPlus Urgent Care makes sure you know how to handle your wound and its bandages at home. They also tell you whether you need to come back to remove the stitches if you get them. 

If you or your child gets a laceration, don’t hesitate to call MedPlus Urgent Care for same day Telemedicine appointment, or walk in for a visit today.